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How Social Media Caused a Global Diabetes Drug Shortage

The social media platform TikTok has popularized the weight loss effects of Ozempic, despite its original indication for those with type 2 diabetes. This has led to a shortage of Ozempic in Australia. Now, people are reporting an Ozempic shortage in the United States over social media. Luckily, Americans can buy Ozempic online without any supply chain issues. FInd out how.

2022-09-27T22:31:43-05:00September 26, 2022|

Thyroid Disease & Diabetes: What’s the Connection? 

Thyroid disease is the second most common disorder of the endocrine system, second only to diabetes. Thyroid disorders affect roughly 20 million Americans and The American Thyroid Association estimates that nearly 60% of those with thyroid disease are unaware of their condition. Luckily, through simple blood work and regular screening, it can be easily diagnosed and treated with medications.

2022-09-12T01:56:45-05:00September 12, 2022|

Teens and Diabetes

Diabetes rates are increasing rapidly in adolescents. It’s estimated that around 283, 000 Americans under the age of 20 have been diagnosed with diabetes and the numbers continue to rise. Type 1 diabetes is more prevalent in young people than type 2 diabetes, but the rates of both types are increasing.

2022-09-10T08:53:52-05:00September 9, 2022|

How Can I Manage My Blood Sugars When I’m Sick?

Diabetes doesn’t take a day off when you’re sick. Even though you may feel nauseous, tired, or congested, you still have to manage your diabetes. When you’re sick, you have to be even more careful and may even have to work harder in order to keep your blood sugar within its target range.

2022-09-05T20:57:44-05:00August 25, 2022|

Be Careful With How Diabetes Affects Your Kidneys 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly 1 in 3 patients with diabetes also have chronic kidney disease. Chronic Kidney Disease, also known as CKD, can be managed through lifestyle changes, medication, and management of other chronic conditions, such as diabetes.

2022-09-05T22:21:25-05:00August 22, 2022|

Can Diabetes Be Cured?

Despite so many people suffering from diabetes globally, scientists around the world have not yet been able to find a cure. As studies continue, more insights become available to better understand the condition.

2022-08-17T05:33:00-05:00August 16, 2022|