About Glucose Meters & Ketone Monitoring Devices

With advancement in medical science and technology, blood glucose monitoring has become very simple and convenient. Today, people suffering from diabetes can check their glucose levels without depending on anyone. Diabetics are also in a position to take a shot of insulin personally.

When the glucose levels rise in the blood, it could prove fatal for the person. Doing such tests regularly allows prompt response to abnormal sugar levels. A high sugar level in blood is condition described as Hyperglycemia. The low glucose level is termed as Hypoglycemia.

With regular monitoring of glucose levels, it is possible to understand how the body reacts to food, activities, insulin and other medications. Depending on the readings, a proper draft for the patient is necessary. The program will help him or her to maintain the sugar levels.

Blood glucose meter

This is an electronic device used to measure the glucose levels. A digital meter gives a reading of the blood sugar. One must collect a drop of blood on a disposable strip. Then, he or she should place it on the meter. After a few seconds, the meter will display the blood glucose levels digitally. It is a very effective method in monitoring the glucose levels. It is so simple that the patient can do this test personally at home.

In laboratories, this blood monitoring occurs in the following ways:

1. Blood glucose fasting

As the name suggests, this test must occurs on subjects that have fasted for a minimum of eight hours. Glucose present in the fasting blood is measured. Normally, the readings must be between 70 and 110 mg/dl. For a normal healthy person the results come within the range. In case of diabetics or patients suffering from diabetes, these levels are much higher.

2. Glycosylated hemoglobin

Glucose in the blood combines with Hemoglobin to form glycohemoglobin. This forms in the red blood cells in their life span of 120 days. Hence, glycosylated hemoglobin indicates the level of glucose. The stress or food could be the main cause of the high values. Hence, it is easier to take readings compared to the fasting blood. Blood glucose monitoring is very important for diabetic patients, they have to maintain their normal levels of sugar to live a better life.