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November is Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM), a time to raise awareness about diabetes which affects over 34 million Americans.

An important topic during NDAM is often affordability and access for many Americans who live without coverage or have fallen into the insurance “donut hole” and may no longer afford their medication.

We understand many Americans struggle to get their life-saving medication, often due to lack of insurance, poor coverage, massive co-pays/premiums and high prices. helps thousands of Americans get access to affordable insulin & other medication with massive cost-savings.

This month, we launched our first contest for Diabetes Awareness Month in order to provide patients a chance to win hundreds of dollars in store credit.

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Enter to win up to $350 in store credit

Are you an existing BCI patient? Enter any of the contests below.

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Contest #1: Submit Video Review

Enter to Win $350 in Store Credit (1 winner)

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Contest #2: Share your Experience

Enter to Win $200 in Store Credit (5 winners)

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