About Diabetic Lancets

Diabetes lancets selection are all about the “ouch”. Small and sharp lancets have the least “ouch”.

Lancet brands vary in the quality of the cutting edge and in the size of the cut that it makes to draw a blood sample. The size is measured by “gauge” – the larger the number, the smaller the lancet diameter.

However, sometimes one must compensate for the test site (finger, forearm, thigh), callouses, or poor blood circulation by using a larger size and/or a deeper poke.

The depth of the lancet’s skin penetration is controlled by the lancing device. Most of these devices are adjustable to obtain the minimum depth required to get the correct size blood droplet with the most comfort. A little bit of trial and error is all that’s required here.

One style lancing device uses lancet cartridges. This makes it possible to avoid seeing or handling the used lancets.

Juvenile diabetics and adults with arthritis may need to consider each lancing device’s ease of use (Large or small enough in physical size and easily cocked).

Fortunately, most blood glucose monitoring kits include lancets and an adjustable lancing device that fulfills the majority of diabetics needs comfortably.

One final note on replacement diabetes lancets. There are brand name specific lancet replacements and less expensive generic lancets that will work just as well.