What are Diabetic Test Strips?

These are small strips of paper used for measuring the amount of blood sugar in the blood of those diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetes is often referred to as the silent killer. It settles down in your blood stream even before you are aware of its existence in your body.

There are medical treatments available and also there are prescribed medicines that can control diabetes, but once you have it, you cannot completely oust it from your system.

Thus it is very important to keep a check on it regularly. Fluctuating blood sugar level can lead to various related disorders and sometimes it may be fatal too.

Diabetes test strips can be an easy and convenient way to check your sugar level at home. Here’s how you can use it:

7 Steps to Using Diabetic Test Strips

Step 1: You need the glucose monitor, the test strip and the piercer for the entire process. Make sure you have these handy.

Step 2: Select the area from where you want to collect the blood for the test. It can be your fingertips, arms or leg.

Step 3: Wash the selected site carefully to avoid the risk of infection. Then warm it up by rubbing your hands on it. This increases the blood flow in the region.

Step 4: The glucose testing machine should now be on. When the red light on it beeps, it is ready to carry out the test.

Step 5: Insert the diabetes test strips in the allotted slot in the machine.

Step 6: The testing site should now be patted with alcohol that has a cooling effect. Once you have this sensation, you can pierce the site using the piercer.

Step 7: Collect the blood and apply it on the test strip. The machine will then generate the result.

Diabetes test strips are easy to handle and can produce accurate results if the test is performed correctly. For detailed instructions, you will do well to follow the booklet provided with the machine.