Stop overpaying for insulin!

The cost of insulin in the United States has been a hot button issue for a very long time especially since it affects over 10% of the population.

Since the beginning of COVID, many American’s have suffered financially resulting in difficulty acquiring the life-saving medication needed to survive.

Many American’s regularly make the trip to Canada for affordable insulin however with restricted travel this has become a problem.

Thanks to the internet, websites such as, a popular an online pharmacy has made it easy for Americans access to place orders online securely for their medication, save up to 90% and have it delivered to their address.

How much can Americans save buying insulin from Canada? The table below provides a cost comparison between top insulin brands sold in the US and Canada.

Apidra Cartridges$363$9574%
Apidra SoloStar Pens
Apidra Vials
Basaglar Cartridges
Basaglar KwikPen Pens$469$15068%
Fiasp Cartridges$276$12056%
Fiasp Flextouch Pens
Fiasp Vials
Humalog Cartridges$607$12590%
Humalog Junior KwikPen$339$12563%
Humalog KwikPen$607$11581%
Humalog KwikPen$486$16566%
Humalog Mix 50 Kwikpen$607$12579%
Humalog Mix 25 Cartridges$242$12847%
Humalog Mix 50 Cartridges$607$12579%
Humalog Vials$220$7068%
Humulin N Vials$197$7761%