Medication Partner Program for Doctors in the US


Why Join the BCI Partner Program for Medical Professionals?

  • ZERO-Cost Membership, No Commitment or Annual Fees

  • Save your patients from overpaying on insulin & other medication

  • Receive a custom coupon code to pass additional savings to your patients

  • Patients with valid prescriptions can order medication other than insulin

Give your patients the good news on drug costs

Join the Prescriber Partner Program to help your patients overcome the high cost of medications in the US. This initiative is particularly beneficial for those with chronic conditions like diabetes, who face the challenge of affording their necessary prescriptions.

Through the BCI Doctor Referral Program, you can offer a cost-effective solution for life-saving medications. With drug prices in Canada being substantially lower due to federal regulation, American patients can access discounted medications online or by phone from our Canadian pharmacy, enjoying additional savings with your custom coupon code.

Our program promises up to 90% savings on commonly prescribed medications, including top insulin brands like Humalog, NovoRapid (NovoLog), Lantus, and Levemir. Prescriptions are co-signed by Canadian licensed physicians and filled by licensed pharmacies, maintaining the high-quality patient care standards you trust.

Join us in our mission to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, extending your care and making a direct impact on your patients’ well-being.

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How much can your patients save through the prescriber partner program?

MedicationUS Price
(From Good RX)
BCI Price
(without prescriber discount)
Additional Savings
(with 10% prescriber discount)
Ozempic (1 pen)$1,078$469.79$422.81
Humalog (1 vial)$362$52
(Get 3 vials for $147)
(Get 3 vials for $132.30)
Trulicity (4 pens)$1,009$282$253.80
Saxenda (4 pens)$1,612$515$463.50
Lantus Solostar Pens (5 pens)$537$177$159.30
Rybelsus (30 tablets)$1,034$297$267.30
Mounjaro (1 vial)$1,456$158.99$143.09
NovoLog (1 vial)$355$79
(Get 3 vials for $165)
(Get 3 vials for $148.50)
Jardiance (25mg / 30 tablets)$698$149$134.10

*Prices are subject to change and may not reflect current prices

*The US prices column is sourced from select retail store prices found on GoodRX and may also be subject to change.

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