Apidra SoloStar Pen 100 Units / mL
Apidra SoloStar Pens
Insulin Glulisine
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How Apidra SoloStar 100IU/ml Injectable Pens work

The Apidra Solostar 100IU/ml injectable pen is a rapid acting insulin that begins working 10 to 20 minutes after application. Similar to insulin produced in the body as it allows glucose into fat cells and muscles to produce energy in addition to blocking glucose release from the liver.

The Apidra Solostar 100IU/ml injectable pen is used to improve blood sugar levels in those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This fast-acting insulin effectively lowers blood sugar levels after mealtime and can greatly reduce the chances of developing serious diabetes conditions.

This medication is typically prescribed with long-acting type insulin medications or other diabetes medications. Your nurse or doctor will demonstrate the correct way to inject this insulin subcutaneously (under the skin). Part of your diabetes regimen should include regular exercise, healthy diet and weight loss.

Track your blood sugar levels regularly and be sure to share them with your doctor so they can adjust your dosage accordingly.

Side effects

Common side effects with using Apidra Solostar pens include:

  • allergic reactions
  • injection site reactions
  • itching and rash
  • lipodystrophy
  • weight gain
  • hard lumps (lipodystrophy)
  • swelling

To avoid any side effects

  • always inject the correct dose
  • do not skip meals
  • monitor your blood sugar levels regularly
  • avoid drinking excessively
  • have regular meals

If you are experiencing low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) do not use this medication. Alert your doctor if you are having any problems with your liver, kidney and heart.

It is unknown if insulin glulasine is excreted through breast milk. There are limited studies that have shown that this medication can harm a developing baby during pregnancy. Your doctor will assess your health and risks before prescribing it as they may need to adjust the dosage amount.

This insulin medication does not pass through breast milk and is not harmful to the baby.<