Ascensia Contour Test Strips
Ascensia Contour Test Strips
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Ascensia Contour Test Strips

What are Ascensia Contour Test Strips?

Ascensia Contour Test Strips are strips to be used with the Ascensia Contour Blood Glucose Meter. Test your blood sugar easily with the Ascensia Contour Test Strips. It features an automatic calibration which allows for accurate results every time. The bottle design is patented and has a built in desiccant. This allows the test strips to stay fresh for up to six months after opening. The Sip-in sampling technology provides a clear view of the level of the blood sample.

They require a blood sample of only 0.6 microliters. To make things even easier, there is no coding required. It will show your blood sugar level results in seconds. It is suitable for AST (alternate site testing) as wel