Dario Test Strips
Dario Test Strips
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Dario Test Strips

Dario Test Strips can help you monitor your glucose levels. The strips are easy to use, allowing for a wider application of blood samples, ensuring an accurate reading each time. The strips are used in the removable meter that is plugged directly into a smartphone so that the Dario App can perform the reading.


  • Test strips with Proven Accuracy
  • Ease of use with Dario Meters
  • Second-Chance Sampling
  • No Coding Technology (eliminates user error and misreads)
  • 6-second countdown. Results displayed through Dario App
  • Less Blood Sample required (Only 0.3 microliter blood sample)

Frequently Asked Questions

Dairo Test Strips are a single-use, disposable test strips that are used for individuals who are concerned about maintaining proper glucose levels. When inserted into the removable meter in the Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System, the test strip receive blood samples and displays information on the patient’s smartphone.

The Dario Test Strip is inserted into the removable Dario Meter. The Meter is plugged into the audio jack of any phone and once blood is applied, a reading is registered through the Dario App.

The Dario Test Strips can be stored in the convenient compartment at the base of the Dario Meter. The container can hold up to 25 test strips.

The Test Strips cannot be stored indefinitely. The manufacturer recommends their usage within 7 days of opening. The expiration date can be found on the side of the box that the strips were housed in.