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Colesevelam Hydrochloride
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Lodalis (Colesevelam)

What is  Lodalis (Colesevelam)?

Lodalis is a bile acid sequestrant medication that is used alongside exercise and dietary changes to treat and reduce the level of cholesterol in a patient’s blood. This medication is for use by patients who have not responded well or who are otherwise unable to take HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor medications. Its primary purpose is to reduce LDL-C, or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, levels.

This medication may also be used in the management of blood glucose levels for patients with type 2 diabetes.

How is Lodalis Used?

When a patient is using Lodalis by itself with no additional medications being taken to impact their cholesterol levels, they will most often be taking this medication twice per day, using a dosing size of three tablets (1875 mg of Lodalis). Patients may also take a large dose of six tablets (3750 mg of Lodalis) once per day. The maximum dosage that should be prescribed for any patient using Lodalis is seven tablets, or 4375 mg, within the span of a day. Regardless of dosage, this medication should be taken with a meal.

Patients that are using additional medications to lower their cholesterol will typically be required to take between four and six tablets of Lodalis each day, not exceeding more than six tablets total. When using other medications for the treatment of high cholesterol levels in the blood, the patient’s doctor will provide instruction regarding when to take Lodalis either with or at another time from when they will also be taking their statin medications. If you are taking multiple medications for managing cholesterol levels, please follow your prescribing physician’s instructions for mixing these medications each day.

Patients who have been prescribed the powder form of Lodalis for oral suspension should only consume one packet of the medication, properly prepared, once per day. This suspension should still be consumed with a meal, just as one would need to do when taking the tablet form of Lodalis. Preparation of the oral suspension requires the patient to combine four to eight ounces of liquid (water, diet soda, or fruit juice) with one packet of Lodalis, and stir until the powder and liquid have combined well. It should then be consumed immediately.

Lodalis will often be paired with insulin therapy, sulfonylureas, or metformin when used to balance a patient’s blood glucose levels in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.


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