Novolin GE 40 / 60 Penfill Cartridge 200 Units / mL
Novolin GE 40 / 60 Penfill Cartridge
Insulin Injection, Insulin Isophane Human Biosynthetic
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How this medication works?

Insulin is a hormone that is naturally produced in our body. The pancreas which is organ located behind our stomach is the main source of insulin. Islets, which are clusters of cells in the pancreas, produce the insulin hormone based on glucose levels in our body.

For those with diabetes, their body does not produce the required amount of insulin or use it efficiently. As a result, glucose isn’t store properly and builds up in the bloodstream. Diabetics are typically required to inject insulin under the skin (subcutaneously) to help manage or lower blood sugar levels.

There are several types of insulin medication which produce different results when taken. The absorption rate and duration may vary.

Novolin GE 40/60 is a premixed insulin that contains a combination of intermediate-acting insulin (insulin NPH) and fast-acting insulin (insulin regular).

This premixed insulin is often used by those who have their blood glucose levels under control and have found this ratio of intermediate-acting and short-acting insulin works best for them.

Novolin GE 40/60 premixed insulin starts working between 30-60 minutes after injection, has its maximum effect between 2-8 hours and stops working after 18-24 hours.

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