OneTouch Verio Flex Meter
OneTouch Verio Flex Meter
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The OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter: A Revolution in Blood Glucose Monitoring

In the world of diabetes management, precision and ease are paramount. The OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter emerges as a beacon of innovation, designed to make blood glucose monitoring less of a chore and more of a seamless part of life. This compact, user-friendly device is not just a tool but a companion for those managing their blood glucose levels, offering accuracy, connectivity, and simplicity in one sleek package.

Design and Portability

The OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter boasts a minimalist design that is both modern and functional. Its slim profile fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, pocket, or purse, making it an ideal travel companion whether you’re heading to work or embarking on a vacation. The meter’s high-contrast, easy-to-read screen displays results clearly, while its single-button interface simplifies navigation, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users of all ages.

Accuracy and Precision

When it comes to blood glucose monitoring, accuracy is non-negotiable. The OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter delivers results you can trust. It meets the latest ISO standards for blood glucose meter accuracy, giving you confidence in your blood sugar readings. The device requires only a tiny blood sample, reducing discomfort and making the testing process as painless as possible.

ColorSure™ Technology

One of the standout features of the OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter is its patented ColorSure™ technology. This innovative feature takes the guesswork out of reading your blood sugar levels by displaying instant, color-coded feedback. A blue light indicates low glucose levels, a green light for in-range, and a red light for high glucose levels. This instant visual cue helps you quickly understand your results at a glance, without the need to interpret numbers or remember target ranges.

Connectivity with OneTouch Reveal® App

In an age where everything is smart and connected, the OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter doesn’t fall behind. It syncs seamlessly with the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app, which is a game-changer in diabetes data management. The app not only stores an unlimited number of readings, but it also transforms data into quick snapshots that provide actionable insights. With the OneTouch Reveal® app, you can track your blood sugar levels over time, identify trends, and share reports with your healthcare team, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Test Strip Compatibility

The meter is designed to work with OneTouch Verio® test strips, which are known for their precision and reliability. These strips have a side-fill design that makes it easy to apply blood from either side, and they only require a small sample size. The strips are widely available and are covered by Medicare Part B and most private insurance plans.

Ease of Use

The OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter is designed with the user in mind. It turns on automatically when a test strip is inserted, and after applying the blood sample, it provides results in just five seconds. The device also has a built-in strip release button, which allows you to dispose of the used strip without having to touch it, ensuring a hygienic process.

Memory and Battery Life

With the capacity to store up to 500 readings, the OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter allows you to keep a comprehensive log of your blood glucose levels. This extensive memory is beneficial for spotting trends and patterns in your glucose control over time. The long-lasting battery is designed to perform through 1,000 tests, so frequent battery changes won’t interrupt your routine.

Safety and Hygiene

Safety is a top priority in the design of the OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter. The device has an automatic shut-off feature to conserve battery life and ensure that it’s ready when you need it. Additionally, the meter is compatible with OneTouch Delica® Plus lancets, which are designed for comfortable testing with 13 depth settings to personalize for your skin type.

Educational Support

OneTouch understands that managing diabetes is about more than just numbers. That’s why the OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter comes with access to a wealth of educational resources. From online tutorials that guide you through setting up and using the meter to customer care representatives who can answer your questions, support is always at hand.

Environmental Impact

In line with modern environmental concerns, the OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter is constructed with eco-friendly materials where possible and is packaged in recyclable materials to minimize its environmental footprint.